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High quality pet accommodation, veternary and customer recommended High quality pet accommodation, veternary and customer recommended

Pricing and Information

Viewing our Kennels

Showing people around our kennels is always a pleasure. Your very welcome to visit us no appointment needed! But the best time when we aren't as busy walking or feeding the dogs is 9.30am - 11am.

It would be lovely to meet your dog too in reception, So don't hesitate if you would like to bring your dog along.

Don't forget we are always here 24/7 even if you arrive out of hours to view the kennels.

The dogs in our care are our priority and their welfare is what matters to us.

Boarding Price List

Charges are per calendar day or part day

Dog boarding rates - as from 1st April 2024

*Part day 3 walks/Day 4 walks/Day
1 dog £16.00 £29.00 £31.00
2 dogs
sharing 1 kennel
£26.00 £52.00 £56.00
3 dogs (max)
sharing 1 kennel
£32.00 £63.00 £69.00

Note: Young dogs under 2 years and older dogs over 11 years stay with us on the 4 walk rate.

Some active breed dogs maybe advised for the 4 walk rate too.

*A part day charge will be added when dogs depart in the morning or arrive in the afternoon.

Dog/dogs that require to be walked alone for any reason have a surcharge of £5.00/kennel/day.

Doggy day care rates - 1st April 2024

1 Dog = £25.00

2 Dogs = £38.00

3 Dogs = £43.00

More Pricing Information From 1st January 2024

Peak time surcharges are £19.00 per dog on the following dates -

Friday 29th March

Sunday 31st March

Monday 1st April

Monday 6th May

Monday 27th May

Monday 26th August

Christmas Reception Hours -

Monday 23rd December- 8.30am - 10.30am & 3pm - 4.45pm

Tuesday 24th December, Christmas Eve - Closed.

Wednesday 25th December, Christmas Day - Closed.

Thursday 26th December, Boxing Day - Closed.

Friday 27th December- 8.30am - 10.30am & 3pm - 4.45pm

Saturday 28th December- 8.30am - 10.30am & 3pm - 4.45pm

Sunday 29th December- 8.30am - 10.30am & 3pm - 4.45pm

Monday 30th December- 8.30am - 10.30am & 3pm - 4.45pm

Tuesday 31st December, New Years Eve - Closed.

Monday 1st January, New Years Day - Closed.

Tuesday 2nd January- Back to normal hours.

Christmas surcharges are £24.00 per kennel on the following dates -

Monday 23rd December

Tuesday 24th December

Wednesday 25th December

Thursday 26th December

Friday 27th December

Saturday 28th December

Sunday 29th December

Monday 30th December

Tuesday 31st December

Wednesday 1st January

*We do not operate a 24 hourly charging system.

Most Boarding establishments charge a whole day for both the day of arrival and collection, irrespective of what time you drop off or collect your dog.

We operate a half daily charging system.

When a price per day is quoted this represents a working day as follows;

1. A morning Session 8:30am - 10:30am which will represent a half daily charge.

2. An afternoon Session 4:00pm - 5:45pm (weekends 3:00pm - 4:45pm) which will represent a further half daily charge

Or any combination of the above, e.g. an afternoon & a morning, or a morning & an afternoon.

Therefore if a dog is dropped off during one morning session and collected during the morning session of the following day, this will represent a charge of a day and a half (2 mornings, 1 afternoon)

If a dog is dropped off during the morning of one day and collected during the afternoon of the next, this will represent a total charge of 2 days (2 mornings, 2 afternoons).

Cancellation Policy

We reserve the right to charge the dates and times originally booked when cancelled or adjusted within 7 days of the start date.

Please note this is only due to the high demand of limited places available.

Relaxing on the terrace at Derrings Kennels
A place to chill with a doggy friend. Derrings Kennels

A vets opinion!

Alastair Johnson BVMS cert MA MRCVS was the first vet to start using us for his own dogs, after showing Alastair around our kennels for half an hour and explaining how dogs like routine and continuity, he went on to tell me he was a veterinary partner at Minster vets and understood how dogs think! I didn't feel silly, much!!

One of Alastair's questions about Derrings was how many people look after how many dogs and How many walks do they have and how long? And most importantly your charges? I explained what we offered and his reply was 'Hmmm that's about right'.

I asked him what he meant? He explained that if I offered 2 hour walks 4 times a day for a cheap rate then I obviously would be stretching the truth, and said what I offered was good value and truthful.